I am suffering from anxiety and depression from quite some time. How can I get rid of it?

My name is Pooja Tiwari. I am going through a lot of personal problems and problems related to my career. These covid times have worsened the situation, I broke up last year so I don’t have anyone to share my thoughts with. Bad thoughts are kinda always rushing in my mind, even after trying out yoga and meditation, things aren’t getting better. I want some suggestions and feedback from you guys on what I should do now. Also if someone has gone through this, it would be great if you can share your story with me and everyone else.

Hey Pooja, Its a tough time for all of us. Why don’t you try therapy? There are lots of therapies one can do at home. With the help of online services, you can easily contact any psychologist or counsellor. Reach out to your friends or a loved one.