How to get rid of bad thoughts?

Why do these bad thoughts keep coming and how can I tackle them?

Hi Bloom, I don’t know what is causing you the bad thoughts but I would recommend you to start something which would help you divert your thoughts away from it.
On facing a challenging situation, our brain releases stress chemicals which are evaluated as negative. You are the pilot of your brain. Try to keep those thoughts away by writing it in a journal or thinking of the great things you have done. @pritika and @Rini could you suggest something more?

Sure @meteorio_mod
Well @Bloom you can try the following to understand your negative thoughts and try to remove it
-Self-monitoring technique: Keep a diary and wrote what you feel. That way you will be able to analyse your thoughts.
-Do meditation: And that time keep your mind blank just try doing breathing that time and concentrate on that
-Take an activity class: You can do this online too. Or you could check out some recipes online and try them
-Eat nutritious food: This is very important
-Get good sleep: While sleeping do not think about anything and just relax
-Music: If negative thoughts come play music that is instrumental music.
-Self-Talk: In the morning when you get up look at the mirror and use affirmative words like I’m the best, today is a rocking day etc.

I hope this helps you

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Hey @Bloom . Thanks for the question. Thats exactly what I always wanted to discuss with experts !!