How to boost my confidence?

Suggest me a good art therapy method to boost my confidence?

You should try making daily confirmation cards. Start writing daily motivating words like

  • ‘I am strong’
  • ‘I am unstoppable’.
  • ‘I am blessed’
  • ‘I am powerful’.
    It will help assist you with growing more confidence as well as having positive feelings about yourself to re-wire the connections in your mind.

Hope it helps you! :slight_smile:

Some other ways you can boost your confidence are
-By counting your blessings, being good and kind, and taking support from friends who help you to stay positive.
-Treat yourself with kindness instead of criticism
-By taking care of yourself, your body, and mind by exercising or meditating or yoga.
-Start positive talk with yourself instead of ‘I can’t’ say ‘Let’s try’
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