How do I know if my boyfriend is cheating on me?

I am 23 years old and my boyfriend is 25. We are in a relationship for the last 6 years, everything was well and smooth but recently I have started noticing some changes in his behaviour and also he is not at all taking out time for me. I am totally confused and am feeling helpless. What should I do now? Stay with him or break up?

I would suggest to stay with him. This is not a reason to breakup. He wants to may be give you the best and due to work he is busy in his work. Spending time doesn’t mean being romantic or talking for long hours. Message him at lunch time to ask have you eaten. Ask him whether he is free on Sunday for a hour so that you can video call. He needs to know you care and he means a lot for you. It’s very easy to break a relationship but it takes a lot of nurturing to keep it strong.

Pooja, we all are going through tough time during this pandemic. I recently broke up with my boyfriend too . We were together for 2 years. Dance is my technique to remove my frustrations. When I’m stressed I dance in my room. I feel so therapeutic. I’m also planning to start dance classes as hobby for children and teens. It’s very constructive and also helps to maintain weight. I thought so much about my breakup but I realized the world has moved on and I’m still there thinking. I need to move on. Also you know what biggest revenge is forgive and be better than yourself. I know it’s tough. But everything is tough. First we need to love ourselves then we can love others. The other person should think that he lost a jewel. So I would suggest join a hobby class maybe that will turn into your profession and you would just love it.